Frequently Ask Questions

Before submitting a query to us, please read the questions and answers contained in the sections below. Click on each section and question to view the individual answers.
  • What is the registration status of TGPM Investment?
    We are an officially registered company with offices which are easy to locate for members who which to visit us. You can ask for the company's Certificate of Incorporation by contacting our Support Department.
  • How can I earn with TGPM Investment?
    Members around the world are free to invest and make a profit with us, The basic requirement is the creation of an online account with us. The deposit can be made as soon as you log in with your account username and password. Profit is earned at the end of your investment period.
  • How and Where can I check my earning balance?
    Your account balance is available to you 24/7 over the internet, you can also ask us a personal questions about your earnings and balance using the support page. Just login to your account with your username and password and go to your account to confirm your balance.
  • Is your website secure? Is my data protected from third parties?
    By default, we use 256-bit encryption key to secure our site. Since we process online payments, our website must be PCI compliant.
  • How do I start investing with TGPM Investment?
    To become our investor, you must create a free account TGPM Investment. After completion of your registration, you need to make your initial deposit. It can be done through Members Area, where all deposits are made. To log in to the Members Area you need to use your username and password, which you provided during registration
  • How do I deposit funds to my TGPM Investment account?
    Using login information that you had supply during registration you need to sign in to your personal account and click on the Make Deposit link. Next, you need to enter the sum that you wish to fund your account with, choose the desired currency and click the invest button.
  • What payment methods can I invest with?
    You can invest with bitcoin, Payeer, perfect money, bitcoin cash and other payment methods that appear on the deposit section of the account area. We also add new payment method periodically so be sure to check out the deposit section from time to time.
  • Can I make a deposit by Credit Card/Bank Transfer/Direct deposit directly?
    We don't accept deposits made by credit card directly for security reasons. You can fund your e-currency account using your credit card/Bank Transfer/Direct deposit via numerous exchangers and make investments from your e-currency account.
  • What is the minimum amount I can invest?
    Our minimum investment is $10 and maximum amount is $100 000, be sure to check the deposit section as this can change in future.
  • Are the daily interests that I receive sent to my e-currency account directly?
    No, we are working with your account only, so profits are gathered on it. If you want to withdraw your profits you need to do it yourself. Login to your account section and use the withdraw button.
  • Can I withdraw my initial deposit before the end of the investment period?
    No, you can only withdraw at the end of the investment period as we offer short term investment package.
  • What is the minimum amount Investor can withdraw using e-currency systems?
    No minimum or maximum, You can withdraw whatever amount you made from the system.
  • What do I need to do to withdraw funds?
    First of all, you need to log in to your account using the information you provided during registration and follow to Withdraw section.
  • When will my funds be available after the request of withdrawal?
    We are verifying and process each withdrawal request manually. Withdrawals are usually processed within 0-3 hours but members can be made to waiting up to 24 hours if your payment processor website is facing technical issues e.g, We may not be able to send payment to perfectmoney.is or payeer.com users if either of the website or API is down.
  • How can I change my e-mail address or password as well as e-currency systems details?
    In order to change your account password, you need to log in to your TGPM Investment account, and click on the "Edit account" section and change your password at the corresponding field. However, if you need to change your email details of e-currency systems, you will need to contact our support department.
  • How can I restore my password if I forgot it?
    You need to click forgot password link then type in your e-mail, then on your email, a letter will come with all the relevant information.
  • How can I change my password?
    It's easier than it looks. you can reset the password using the "Edit" button after you log in to the member section.
  • During what time do you Pay interest on my deposits?
    Interests are accrued to your active deposits at the end of the investment period. One day investment plan will yield profit after 24 hours while 4 days of investment plan yields profit after a period of 4 days.
  • Is there an option to add another deposit to my TGPM Investment account once I had already opened it?
    Yes, there is, however, all the transactions are processed separately. Multiple deposits is allowed from your single account without any restriction.